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I always love the new year – it’s like a fresh start. A blank page.

But I also love reflecting back on all the amazing things that transpire in just one year. So many of them we forget, so it’s nice to be reminded.

As some of you may or may not know, there are a gaggle of amazing writers, bloggers, and thought provokers in the world of nursing. They are speaking out for those who won’t or can’t and generally just trying to bring our community together in one voice.

And they have ALOT to say…

This year by friend, Nurse Beth over at put together a list of the top nursing blogs of 2016.

She asked our blogging community to send in the top read posts for each of their sights – so these were choosen by you, the readers! So much thanks for taking time to read our stuff – it makes me sad to think it is just getting lost out in the cold dark world of the internet.

So, without further delay, click the link and go see if you agree with some of these amazing thought provokers!

TOP NURSING BLOGS OF 2016 compiled by

Until next time…

Remember, be safe and wash your hands!


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