Being a nursing student is tough work – all those hours of studying, dedication and hard work….and that’s even before you get accepted to your program! But that hard work continues as nursing school trudges on and each semester presents it’s challenges. But sometimes, we just have to laugh. It is the best medicine right?

So as the semester comes to a close for most, I couldn’t help but think about my poor, tired and weary students who are counting the minutes to winter break! I came across a funny little video about things nursing students NEVER say and I thought about what my list would look like….


Nursing Students


  1. Those test questions were so straight forward.

  2. I wish they had more “select all that apply” questions.

  3. I feel totally prepared for this exam!

  4. Graduated and absolutely ready for the NCLEX!

  5. My social life has never been so great!

  6. I finished that assignment as soon as I got the syllabus weeks ago.

  7. I feel so rested!

  8. My diet and exercise routine has never been more perfect.

  9. I know all my teachers have my best interest at heart. (Wait, we actually do – you don’t believe us?)

  10. I really am enjoying all my free time.

  11. Nailed that sim lab scenario like a rock star!

  12. Drop an NG tube on a real person – no problem!

  13. All the nurses at the hospital are always SO nice and helpful to me.

  14. Of course I don’t diagnose myself with every new disease I learn about.

  15. I LOVE doing care plans and concept maps – can we do more, PLEASE!!

So what would you add to the list?? Would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below…. but be nice.

If you are a struggling, weary student – hang in there, you are one step closer to finishing. You future patients will appreciate all that hard work!

Take care, be safe and wash your hands!!

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    “Those test questions were so straight forward.”

    No absolutely never.

    I’m convinced that my nursing instructors sat with the devil himself to devise nursing question.

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