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As a nurse, I am often asked what I think is wrong with healthcare? How can it be fixed? Can it be fixed? I always quickly retort with, “The problem with healthcare is that no one seems to care anymore. Remember, it is called health CARE?”. Although it usually gets a chuckle, I really do mean it. We are at a critical time of change in healthcare here in America – new electronic medical records being mandated, Core Measures, HCAHPS, “never events”, Obama-care being implemented, medical malpractice lawsuit claims on the rise. It just all seems out of control… and kind of silly if you really sit down and evaluate some of these new measures. For example, one of the HCAHPS questions is regarding medication teaching. As nurses and healthcare providers, don’t we want our patients to know about their medications? If we really cared about our patient, we would. Or how about the noise level – another favorite survey question. If we really cared about our patients getting rest so they could heal, we would be quieter. We would make the decision to focus more on our work so that we can’t be faced with a compensation claim from law firms like McGeHee, Chang, Landgraf, Feiler from the patients. It would be a much more relaxed environment for everyone involved. We would want it to be quiet so we could get some rest if we were a patient. To rest and heal, a healthcare card may be needed to get support from the government, you can visit to get an EU healthcare card, and you can start gaining the help you need.

I know all the problems in healthcare can not all be solved by such a simplistic answer. But what if? Imagine, if we all went into work tomorrow and actually CARED about our patients…. took the effort we would expect if we or our family members were a patient. What if we put CARE back into healthCARE?? What would it look like if we took ownership of our patients – really advocated for them when the system really did not seem to be in their favor? This would certainly have an effect on the number of medical malpractice lawsuit claims. I believe each of us has the power to make an impact -we see it every day in the smiles of patients and families we touch.

Call to action!

I challenge you to start to care! There are a lot of things we can’t change, but we can change ourselves! Lets get our there and put the care back into healtCARE! I can’t wait to see what it will look like! Remember, change starts with you, so be the change!!

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  1. mike


    You touch on a very important topic……healthcare is about taking care of the patient. I will take you up on your challenge. …I will put health back into healthcare…thank you for your wonderful insight. ….great topics….keep up the good work…

  2. marcia romasco


    I st email not installed in new phone message me on fb.I think the root of non caring stems from most new nurses it is a second career.It is money.I always wanted to be a nurse.i made2.50/hr.I knew that.Now it is a decent living wage for people and no passion for being a nurse.Just get the check.You got my SOAP BOX..

  3. Reply

    Amen! I come at this from a cancer patient’s perspective. I am so thankful to have a really caring oncology team, but the busy work and checkboxes they have to take care of on a screen during my appointment time, repeating the same questions sometimes four times in one visit (PA, oncologist, infusion PA, infusion nurse) are just rediculous. How many times do I need to repeat “yes I feel safe at home, yes I am being treated for treatment related depression, yes I’m allergic to those 5 things?” It takes too much time away from symptom treatment and the real issues I am there to take care of. I know my team cares and these checkboxes are ourside their choices. The system is getting in the way. My husband likes to refer to it as the “Epic” failure.

    • Joan RN


      Thank you for your unique perspective! Sadly, most of these initiatives were implemented for better patient care, but unfortunately, we are seeing quite the opposite. Good luck with your treatments – will be praying for a quick recovery!! ((hugs))

  4. Reply

    This is wonderful, and I’d love to see it implemented. It’s true–the hospital is the last place to go if you want to rest and recover.

    • Joan RN


      The hospital used to be the place you went to rest… not so much anymore! Thanks for the visit!

  5. Reply

    I agree. My husband and I both just started eating better and trying to excercise after being dealt a life changing blow for both of us with knee injuries. No more excuses, we have to focus on what we can do and not what we can’t.

    As for nurses, I know many of them who CARE more than doctors. You guys rock.

    • Joan RN


      Thanks for the kind words & good luck on the life improvements!!

  6. Reply

    Hmmm, this is a fascinating post for me. Something I think a lot about coming from a system with a National Health Service. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in hospitals as a patient and work with a hospital now in a professional capacity (non-medical) I think the vast majority of people I see working in hospitals seem to care tremendously about patients. Not all admittedly, but most. I imagine it can be tedious to be asked over and over again to explain something, but you’re absolutely right, if patients are to follow treatment plans, they have to understand them, and that means they may need to ask for clarification, perhaps to have it written down. There is, I think, a larger issue with our community at large. Do we care for one another?

    • Joan RN


      Well said! I too, think this is a symptom of a much larger issue. Nursing has always been known as a caring & compassionate community and I believe it still is, but it certainly has changed in its motivations. Thanks for the great comments!!!

  7. Reply

    This was a fascinating read for me as well, as a former RN who never felt challenged enough and the wife of a physician who is struggling to make ends meet with new healthcare implementations. This is definitely the product of a lot of larger issues, I have to agree.

    But your point is an extremely valid one – what we CAN all do, in any profession, is care more about people. That’s a tremendous start 🙂

    • Joan RN


      Thanks for your great perspective! I don’t think anything will every “change” unless we each start taking responsibility for the circle around us… easier said than done. But, in nursing, it starts with caring! Thanks for the comments! (and so super sad you never felt challenged… that is what I love about my job, I learn everyday!) Take care!!

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