Performance scrubs

So, a few months ago, I was doing some research on nursing products made in the USA. I know, totally random and I don’t even remember what sparked the thought. I was pleasantly surprised to come upon an homegrown scrub company called Performance Scrubs. I was not only intrigued that they were made in the USA, but the incredible options for personalization and their total uniqueness in the scrubs marketplace.  I reached out to them and they graciously offered to let me give a pair a trial and here’s my review!

One of the things that drew me to Performance Scrubs was the incredible story that led to its development. It is the true testament of the American spirit and meeting a unique need. In summary, Anne Best, the wife of one of the founders of Performance Scrubs, was suffering from significant night sweats during her battle with breast cancer. At the same time, moisture-wicking athletic shirts were becoming popular and her husband suggested she give them a try. Anne was soon enjoying her important sleep and after much trial and error, DryDreams Sleepwear was born. Soon there after, in 2009, a CEO of a large hospital asked if they could develop a new scrub top for their team. After 18 months of intense product development, Performance Scrubs was born.

Performance Scrubs are made from a high performance material, all manufactured at their plant. What does this mean to you – every pair of scrubs you order can be custom designed to YOU! Yes, from how many pockets, to the details on the trim. There literally are a million options. How cool is that!! Although my hospital has a uniform policy of wearing royal blue, I opted to give my scrubs a little life and had the pockets tripped in pink polka dot ribbon. (I also had the two pocket option for my phone – see pick below!)  Who doesn’t love a pop of color!! Literally people, the options are endless.  You can pick style, color, sleeve length, how many pockets, color and trim. You can build what you want, when you want it! I LOVE THAT!!

Performance scrubs

Performance Scrubs makes some incredible claims about their product and I was very curious and hopeful they would keep their promise.

Here’s what I discovered –


This was one area that most will say they look for in their scrubs – I know I do! If you have to wear them for long shifts, they have to be comfortable. As most who wear scrubs on a daily basis, they are a kin to pajamas. Performance Scrubs do not disappoint. They are so soft and comfortable, my kids asked if they could wear them to bed! They have nice give and were completely not restrictive when moving around – bonus!!

Options Galore!

For someone who has trouble making decisions – I was overwhelmed, but in a good way! So many choices and options. Even with uniform policies, you could still get away with showing some of your personality.

Moisture Wicking

Anyone who has spent some time in the infamous isolation room knows the desire of a moisture wicking material!! Performance Scrubs have a dual-ply moisture wicking material so the sweat is pulled away, trapped in the material and quickly dries – leaving you fresh as the beginning of your shift. Not only is it more comfortable, but helps regulate your temperature through out the day – especially when traveling between rooms with thermometers at opposite ends of the spectrum. Love it!

Fade Resistant

Not only fade resistant, but stain resistant also! I have yet to put this to the test yet – was accident free, so far, and haven’t had them too long to test the fade. But, after a few washes – holding the color great.  I was a HUGE fan of my cotton scrub tops as they did keep you cooler and more comfortable during the shift, but they did fade. So hoping this continues to hold true! It certainly would make them well worth the cost per wear in the long run – very smart!!


This was evident the minute I opened the package. Unfolded the beauties, shook them out and not a wrinkle to be found. Considering I have no clue where my iron is at this current moment – this is gold for me!!

Odor Control

I didn’t do a sniff test when I got home, but no one seemed to offended to stand too close at the end of the shift. Considering the moisture-wicking properties – likely to hold up this claim.


I definitely found this aspect very appealing. Performance Scrubs utilize infused microscopic silver ions that are activated when they come in contact with moisture. You sweat, they start to work! And the biggest bonus, they don’t wash out – few scrubs can make this claim. Considering the bombardment of germs we encounter on a good day – definitely selling point for this girl!


So, overall, I really loved my new Performance Scrubs! They stood up to all the claims they made, and then some. They are definitely VERY unique – I have not seen any other scrubs made from this material or the option to customize. If you are looking to change up your boring scrub wardrobe, then Performance Scrubs is right up your alley.

Ok – here’s the best part – Performance Scrubs wants to give one of my awesome readers a gift certificate for a FREE pair of scrubs! Consider it an early Nurses’ Week gift!!

Enter via the Rafflecopter below!

But, if you would like to order a pair right away – Performance Scrubs is offering a 10% discount using the code QCAD10.

A big thanks to Performance Scrubs for this great gift to my readers! If you get a minute – let them know!

Take care, be safe & wash your hands!

Good luck!!

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    These are amazing scrubs! Love them! Sadly, my hospital has a uniform policy but I will share this on my website for my readers. Thanks for the detailed review 🙂

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