What a crazy nurses week this has been this year! And to top it off, the year of the nurse. Crazy times.

First, I want to wish everyone a happy nurses week! May your trinkets be useful and your patients kind. You are valued and have touched countless lives.

I also wanted to appeal to you generous side. Today marks the 200th birthday for Florence Nightingale. It was going to be quite the event in London where annual events are held to honor nurses. It was going to be a banner year for the humble and AMAZING Florence Nightingale Museum with so many visitors coming to celebrate. But, like many things these days, we have been robbed by the global pandemic. So, now this glorious museum finds itself in financial trouble. They really need our help. So, nurses, we need to do what we do – help. Please consider even the smallest of donations to this international treasure.

A few summers ago I had the opportunity to visit the museum on a family trip to London. Although my kids were not especially keen on visiting, they knew how much it meant to me. I could have spent hours there reading and learning so much! it really is a time capsule for all things nursing. Such a strong and vibrant past we have! If you ever find yourself in the area, take the time – it will be worth it!

But in the mean time, please consider donating to this treasure. If only half of the nurses in just the US donated $5, they would be in great shape!

Also, please consider just sharing this post and getting the word out on social media. Most probably do not even know they are in trouble.

Oh, and one more thing…. Nurses Week would not be the same with out all the giveaways and freebies. The Nerdy Nurse has put together quite a list, including COVID deals – go check it out here.

You might also want to check out the deal at Nursing.com who have some awesome free access to many courses, including Clinicals 360 and discounts for the popular Nursing Student Academy. They also just came out with a new Comprehensive NCLEX Review that will not disappoint.

So, may your Nurses Week be safe and you feel somewhat more appreciated than most days during these treacherous times. Know we are all in this together and we were made for times just as these.

Be smart, be safe and wash your hands.

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