Nurses Take DC

Have you ever wondered what happened after all the hoopla from the Miss Colorado and The View controversy? Remember, all the nurses bonded together and we finally found our voice. It was a great time to be a nurse! A really great moment of pride. But then what? Well…. something did happen. Nurses found their voice. Nurses realized that apart we will accomplish nothing, but together, we are a million person force to be reckoned with. A few, humble nurses took that message to heart and were inspired to have a rally in Washington DC regarding the one issues we almost all agree on – staffing. On May 12, on the steps of the Capitol, Nurses Take DC!

What is really amazing about this rally, besides taking about an issue no business entity wants to address – it was founded by nurses. I hate to say “just nurses”, but truly by people working in the trenches. Never in my career have I witness the unity of nurses like I have seen now. These grass roots groups are doing what no professional organization could accomplish – they are bringing us together over the real issues that truly affect our patients and daily life.

So, please take a minute to read more about the Nurses Plan DC Rally. Take the time to really consider attending, helping to volunteer or at the very least, hit the share button and get the word out. If there was ever a time we really need to work together, it is now. We are on the verge of an enormous shortage and if we do not start making changes now, it will only get worse for our patients.

Just remember, any action or level of participation in this mater is important!

Take care, be safe & wash your hands.


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  1. Reply

    My 2 daughters are nurses, let me know what to do behind scenes as I do work at a physical depleting job and can’t give of my presence . thank you , I support you

    • Joan RN


      A quick letter to you congressman asking for support with S. 864 (National Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act) and H.R. 1602 (Nurse Staffing Standards for Patient Safety and Quality Care Act) would be very helpful!! Thanks for your support and keep spreading the word!!

  2. Tracie Pickrel


    My name is Tracie Pickrel and I am a RN in a cardiovascular ICU. What can I do to join the rally or help?? I live in Richmond, VA..I feel this is one of the most important subjects of our profession!

    • Joan RN


      Tracie!! Yes, please come! Here is the link to the FB group page that has all the info you will need! The biggest help we still need is getting the word out – so share, tweet, talk, whatever!! And bring a van full of friends!! This is not just a nursing event – it is a patient safety event. And lets try to meet up – how fun would that be!! Thanks for stopping by & being part of the conversation!!

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