Nurses Take DC

Last year, in May 2016, nurses came together on the lawn of the US Capitol to bring attention to the need for safe nurse patient ratios. It affectionately became known as Nurses Take DC. It was the first rally for nursing in over 20 years when over 35,000 nurses met in DC for the same issues. Well, it is happening again this year on Friday, May 5, 2017. There is still time to attend and you can get more info at Nurses Take DC.

How can you help?

Like many of you, I am not able to attend this year…BUT…. there is something you can do to help bring attention to the cause and be a part of history.

  • Educate yourself – be aware of the issues surrounding legislature for safe nurse patient ratios. There is a lot of confusion about mandated ratios and staffing plans. Well, first, mandated ratios are minimal recommendations – institutions can staff at lower ratios at their discretion, just not less. This has been VERY successful in California. On the flip side is staffing plans – basically what we have now at most institutions – they decide what is safe based on what staff is affordable to them. This is supported by the ANA and the AHA (American Hospital Association)….that should tell you something.
  • Spread the word – share this post, any post, just get the word out!
  • Buy a shirt – it cost $$$ to put on a rally and this is truly a grass roots effort. You can get a rally shirt here and some of the proceeds go to cover the cost of the rally.
  • Join Thunderclap – a virtual rally will be happening on Friday, May 5 at 9am – sign up on the Thunderclap app, register your social media account and at 9a mass posts will go out in an effort to start trending on social media. This is a common tool used for marketing, especially for grass roots efforts. So please consider signing up.
  • Be inspired – this is not the first time nurses’ have made their voices heard. Over 35,000 nurses marched on DC in 1995, sadly for some of the very same reasons. It’s our turn to pick up the torch. Check out the video here.

Remember, changes starts with US! We can’t expect different results by doing the same thing….that’s called insanity! This is your chance to be a part of history… don’t miss out!

Take care, be safe & wash your hands!


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