Many of you have probably seen the awesome video circulating of a patient who comes back to see her favorite nurse. (I put it below – get your tissues!)  It brings tears to my eyes each time, even though I have watched it over and over. The reaction of the nurse is priceless. I don’t know a lot of the details of the story – nor do they really matter. But, apparently this girl was unable to walk when this nurse cared for her. She came back to see her and gets up from the wheelchair. Her reaction is just pure joy!

Each day, thousands of nurses pour themselves into total strangers. We care for them, listen to them, and genuinely try to just be nice. All while managing their care, medications, treatments and the slew of doctors and therapists who come and go each day. Some days are easier than others.

We hold their hands, pray over them and want whats best for them. Then we send them on their way. Many times wondering if they got better. What happened to them? Rarely do I see a patient again – unless they are back in the hospital.

On a very few occasions, we have had patients come back and thank us. I especially remember a young man who became septic with a very rare bacteria. There is nothing worse than telling the mother of a 21 year old that their only son may not make it through the night in the ICU. However, youth and fight was on his side.

I remember months later, he was at follow up visit at one of the doctor’s offices adjacent to the hospital. We had been asking about him and the doctor suggested he stop by to say hello. We weren’t quite as dramatic as this nurse, but it was a wonderful day!! We all crowded around him and remarked how great he looked. The funny thing….he was so sick, he barely remembered any of us and was really embarrassed. But as we all stood there with his mom, crying, we realized it didn’t matter. We were just happy to help save his life.

So, enjoy the beauty of humanity. The wonderfulness of nursing and touching a life. We make an impact – I do believe that – even though we might not get to see it every time. The choice is ours – will it be a positive impact?

Go thank a nurse today – because Nurses Rock!!

Take care, be safe and wash your hands!

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