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Well, as with many things in life, I always try to aim high. For last week, I had grand plans that I would be able to blog each day from camp, sharing my many adventures as the camp nurse with all of you. Well, I knew we would be busy, but that is putting it mildly! They had us scheduled from the minute we woke up,  until the time our tired bodies hit the bed. Sure, I could have stolen a few minutes during free time, but I was having so much fun, it just didn’t happen. There was also this small problem that every time there was “free time”, pretty much every chaperone rushed to the gathering area, where the wi-fi signal was strongest, and tried to connect to the outside world. Let’s just say signal strength was not at its premium.

So here I sit, at the end of the week, all unpacked. Laundry done, folded and put away. Now, finally able to reflect on my adventures as the camp nurse…. Overall, camp was awesome!! I was extremely impressed by the CentriKid camp staff and the complete organization. The way the moved all these kids from one activity to the next was done with military precision, except funnier and with a positive energy! As for being the camp nurse, it all ended up being just fine. Deep down inside, I knew it would…. well, kind of. I did have a nightmare the night before leaving that a kid had anaphylaxis, so I was a little on edge. When I arrived, I was given “the bag” to carry. I was told I would have to carry around a bag, but was not prepared for the orange monster. Thankfully, it was pretty light as it just was composed of a whole lot of bandage materials and first aid supplies. There was no mistaking who the camp nurse was with that thing! (At least is was Gator orange! Chomp chomp!)

camp nurse

Like I said, overall, the injuries were pretty benign. I actually started to realized that each day seemed to have a theme….


This was our arrival day… so not too much happening other than everyone just trying to scope me out. The recreation staff member who is normally responsible for first aid couldn’t stop hugging me – she was so happy to turn the bag over to someone else for the week and not be responsible! During announcement time with the chaperones, they gave out my cell phone number – as my kids say, now hundreds of strangers have my number. I hope they don’t call for random medical advise.


Nose bleed day – This was the first full day and they were like geysers opening up during recreation time in the morning! The first one was a little trickle, but the next little dude that came over looked like one of the gators from the lake got a hold of him! Wowzer!! This was when I quickly realized the little 4×4’s that were in the bag were not going to cut it and I brought my baby wipes to put in there – for him & me! Nothing like getting sneezed on by a kid with a bloody nose. Yeah me. We had a few casualties of twisted ankles and a few scraped knees. But my favorite of the night, the little girl who literally was home sick. No temp, a bunch of strange symptoms, but then would perk up as she told me about her day…. home sick is a real thing, but easily cured with a few hugs and a promise to call mom later. I am happy to report she made it through the week and kept giving me strange looks when I asked her how she was feeling.


Chaffing day – This was not a phenomenon I was immediately prepared for, as I have girls and this typically is not an issue. I was talking with one of my students the week before camp and she gave me the heads up to bring some baby powder for the little boys. She informed me that I would be able to easily spot them as they entered the rec field looking like they had just got off a horse. Well, sure enough, most of my phone calls on Wednesday were pretty much all related to what to do with the chaffing crotches of little boys. Next year, bringing a bigger bottle, that trial size bottle of Gold bond just did not cut it….who knew?


Ant bite day – Apparently all of the fire ants went on a rampage on our last full day. I was getting kids brought to me left and right asking for bug bite medicine. One poor little girl put her bag down on a hill without realizing it, put her bag on to go back to her room and just got bit up all over her back and neck…. ouch! One the last full day of camp, they play a camp wide game called Organized Mass Chaos and that is exactly what it is! I thought FOR SURE there would be some head injuries and a gaggle of sprained ankles, but God is good and kept all of our campers safe to enjoy the fun!


Finish line – Friday was only a half day and I was able to turn over the big, orange bag back to the rec leader. She promptly asked me to please go with them all summer as they travel to different camps. As much fun as I had, I am not a young college kid, like them, so my energy has a limit and it was met that week! I did reassure them that I would pray for all of their safety and no major injuries as they share love to kids around the southeast.

Overall, camp was awesome! My kids and all the kids in our group had a fantastic time – full of memories to last a lifetime! Just as I hoped and dreamed. As nervous as I was, I would do it again in a heart beat! There is nothing like helping someone in need and blessing them with care. The lessons I learned this week – kids are very resilient, camp is full of awesome memories and Lake Yale had some weird bugs! Can’t wait until next year!!

Take care & be safe!!


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  1. susan brown


    Good share & made me smile. Those kids had a good nurse & Mom watching over them. God provides. “_”

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  3. Reply

    I love that each day had a theme! I’m a teacher and we used to take our fifth graders to camp every year. My goodness, what that nurse had to deal with! I think she saw more vomit and fevers those three days than the kids had had all year! Its funny how once away from home, kids seem to get crazy ailments.

    • Joan RN


      “Home sickness” is for real!! No doubt!! It certainly was an adventure… but can’t wait to do it again!! Who would have thought!! Thanks for the visit!

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