So when I was in nursing school, you know back with the dinosaurs, one of my instructors used these awesome handouts with her teaching. They were black & white back then, but had really simple clear visuals for lots of topics. My husband & I eventually found and bought the two books that were in publication at the time (this was pre-Amazon and we actually had to locate them in a book store – the horrors!) . Being a visual learner – these were a gold mine! I still use these books for handouts with my students and they usually love them too!

Nursing study books



Anytime I am asked what are the best nursing school study books – the Memory Handbooks for Nursing is ALWAYS my answer!

There used to be blog that had most of them listed….but at last check, it is no longer in existence. These visuals are VERY popular on Pinterest, however there are so many missing that are included in the books!

You can order the complete books at at the link below. There are TWO volumes of updated information with great visuals and mneumonics to help with studying. The first two volumes are general nursing information and disease descriptions from all the body systems.

They now have a book that encompasses pharmacology and diagnostics – this is often a challenging subject for most students, however, these books are invaluable study aids!

I also know that as starving and poor nursing students, purchasing ANOTHER book can be a costly gamble. You might want to consider getting the CD – you can split the cost with some friends and then have countless copies available. The CD cost is less than purchasing all the books combined AND they come in color!

I can not say enough about these books!! They are worth EVERY penny and will save you a lot of blood, sweat and tears – there is enough of that already!

Remember, the holidays are coming, so ask for these – you can get cool gifts for yourself when you graduate!

Also, if you are looking for help with test taking – here’s my favorite Best Three Test Taking Books for Nursing Students.

Hope it helps! Good luck, take care and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. Helene


    Can you send me the link for these books. I suspect I’m going to enjoy having them to study with as well!

    • Joan RN


      Thanks for the visit – they are AWESOME books! They will not disappoint! The links to the books are right in the post – they will take you directly to Amazon and you can order them from there. That is the best price I have found. Good luck & don’t hesitate if I can be of any other assistance!

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