Nurses Week Continues!

We only get one week so lets just make the best of it, right?? This week I really want to showcase all the awesomeness of our profession! If we are not proud of our profession, who will be??

American Nurse Project

american nurse

I know I have posted info on this incredible project before, but in light of nurses week, I thought it needed another spot light! In case you are not aware, this was a beautifully stunning photographic book celebrating the real stories of nurse in America. Nurses magazine has been showcasing their photos on their covers and that is where it first caught my attention. The pictures are wonderful and the stories are just heart warming. It is the perfect gift for yourself and any nurse in your life. The interviews have since been compiled into a documentary. If the trailers are any glimpse of its quality, I know it will not disappoint.

This week the American Nurse movie will be screening on May 8 at limited venues. Sadly, it is no where near my home, but hopefully you will get lucky. Please go out and support this film, if you have the opportunity. I doubt you will regret it!

You can find more about the American Nurse Project <– click here.

So, enjoy your nurses week & if you aren’t a nurse, hug one this week and thank them for saving you from the doctors trying to kill you! Just kidding… kind of!

If you are interested in purchasing the book, feel free to click the link below

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