What is measles?

What is measles?

Well, here I go again…. another highly contagious health scare hits the headlines and I find myself doing research on different health advice blogs to find out more. Yup, talking about measles this time.

No, I am not paranoid, but as a nurse, I feel its my obligation to stay abreast of current health care concerns – I find it even more important as a nursing instructor. So, I am sharing what I know with all of you!

Now, what’s the big deal about measles? Well, considering it was virtually eradicated in the US due to vigilant vaccination programs, most are not familiar with this highly contagious disease. In fact, in 2000 the CDC declared measles eradicated from the US. Unlike the flu, pneumonia or heart disease, we are just not familiar and need to re-educate ourselves on a disease we don’t deal with on a daily basis. (On a more personal note, I do not titer for measles, so that just makes my concern level a little higher…and personal!)


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The best nurse EVER!

So I came across this in my Facebook feed this morning and now I can’t stop thinking about it! Basically, it appears this young girl is suffering from a very serious illness and is hospitalized for transfusion. Well, her nurse that day, Tom, decides to do a duet with her singing one of the songs from Frozen. It is so precious, moving and just sweet!

It reminds me that this is what nursing is about – connecting with people, making them feel better, even if just for a moment. It is what I love about nursing, that we can be that for someone in need. So often we get lost in doing our “job”, that we forget our job is people. Take the time, connect with someone and remember, “Love is an open door!”

The Best Nurse EVER! “Love is an open door” duet  <– here’s the link if the video doesn’t embed.