What is MERS?

What is MERS?

What is M.E.R.S?

When the first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) showed up in the United States recently, it got my attention. Don’t get me wrong, I am not usually reactionary or an alarmist, but I know these little viruses can be pretty dangerous. I also know we don’t have a lot in our medical arsenal to fight against the thing. So, when a virus makes the national news for being the first case, I pay attention. I was mildly comforted when I realized in was in Indiana, a few thousand miles away from my home. That comfort was shaken shortly after when another case showed up on Orlando, just a few hours from home. OK, now it has my attention.

Again, I usually watch these things get blown out of proportion on the news, and really don’t give it much thought. Maybe it was the unusually early and virulent flu season we just had or the recent EBOLA outbreak (that no one seems to be talking about). But, what I think really got my attention today, all healthcare workers who were exposed to the patient were placed in “home isolation”, however, two were being watched closely due to possible new onset of symptoms. Yup, you got my attention.

The latest outbreak that has plunged the world into a pandemic, COVID-19, has led to many thousands of cases of the disease around the globe and, unfortunately, deaths too. Washing your hands with soap and killing the bacteria that are living on your body has never been so vital to an individual’s health. There are other things you should be doing, including coughing into your elbow (not your hands) and social distancing. You should also not be seeing anyone from outside of your household, including people you are dating. For anyone unclear, here are the Dos and Don’t in COVID19 time for those in relationships. It has also sent businesses and industries into disarray thanks to social and movement restrictions imposed by governments of the world. Many businesses have closed and others have had to make drastic cuts. Any businesses that have been able to remain open have had to follow government guidance which has limited their freedom and will have certainly dented their profits. If you are a business owner whos business is currently still open or is looking to reopen soon, you might want to visit Versare to see the range of sneeze guards and the other health protection items available. Whilst keeping a business afloat is important, the health and safety of staff and the general public must come first. All the restrictions and guidance in place has led many companies to seek coronavirus small business assistance to help them through this difficult time, which will inevitably have a negative impact on many of their finances.

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