Chronicles of a Camp Nurse – Volume 2

camp nurse

In case you missed volume 1, you can read about it here

Well, as with many things in life, I always try to aim high. For last week, I had grand plans that I would be able to blog each day from camp, sharing my many adventures as the camp nurse with all of you. Well, I knew we would be busy, but that is putting it mildly! They had us scheduled from the minute we woke up,  until the time our tired bodies hit the bed. Sure, I could have stolen a few minutes during free time, but I was having so much fun, it just didn’t happen. There was also this small problem that every time there was “free time”, pretty much every chaperone rushed to the gathering area, where the wi-fi signal was strongest, and tried to connect to the outside world. Let’s just say signal strength was not at its premium.

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Chronicles of a Camp Nurse – Volume 1

Camp nurse

So, this week I am embarking into uncharted territory – I am going to be a camp nurse for a week. This may sound like not big deal to some, but to this adult nurse, I am a little intimidated. You see, I didn’t start out as the camp nurse. My kids were going away to sleep away camp with their church group and I signed up to be a chaperone. (Ok, my husband basically said they couldn’t go if I didn’t, if the truth be told.) Don’t get me wrong, I was super excited to be a chaperone – the memories, the fun, plus, my friend was also going – as the camp nurse. She is a school nurse and awesome at it. She also did it last year and said it was “No problem”. Sure, easy for her to say, she does that stuff all year. Well, she got a job she couldn’t turn down for the summer and graciously offered me up as new camp nurse! Ummm…thanks?

I know I can do it. Basically just have to do first aid, right? But, the ICU nurse in me always thinks of the worst… what if a kid gets stung by a bee and goes into anaphylaxis? Or eats something they are allergic? Rec time can be dangerous right?…. It just goes to show you that a little knowledge can be dangerous – ask any nursing student – they diagnose themselves with everything! (Well, at least I did!)

So, I already am bringing some Calamine lotion, Benadryl cream, Neosporin, extra bandaids, tweezers, after sun lotion and some baby powder (I was told its good for the sweaty little boys in their “private area”?) If you have any other suggestions or advise – I need them STAT! Please email me or leave in the comments below!

We leave tomorrow and will be gone Monday – Friday. I was told I would have wifi and my immediate thought – this will be great blog material. So, here is my journey… pray for me and for the kids!! I know if will be great because I am the camp nurse and I will make sure they are all safe…. even if it kills me!!