Performance Scrubs – Review

Performance scrubs

So, a few months ago, I was doing some research on nursing products made in the USA. I know, totally random and I don’t even remember what sparked the thought. I was pleasantly surprised to come upon an homegrown scrub company called Performance Scrubs. I was not only intrigued that they were made in the USA, but the incredible options for personalization and their total uniqueness in the scrubs marketplace.  I reached out to them and they graciously offered to let me give a pair a trial and here’s my review!

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Simulation – Preventing Medical Errors

Simulation, Medical Errors

Simulation – Preventing Medical Errors

As technology evolves, so does the pursuit for new techniques to train health care providers more efficiently and to ultimately prevent medical errors. Simulation has met this goal and in fact, simulation is now becoming the standard for education of health care providers. In high stakes areas such as obstetrics (OB), neurosurgery and even trauma services, the use of simulation has become priceless.

Last semester, I had the opportunity to be a simulation facilitator for our 2nd year medical/surgical nursing students. In the simulation I was responsible for, the “patient” had a small intracranial hemorrhage that deteriorated. During the simulation, the students are completely responsible for the care of their “patient”. The goal of the simulation is to place the students in complex situations that we normally can not produce in the clinical environment – for example, we can’t just walk about the hospital and ask patients to seizure, just so the student can have the “experience”.

Also, during a high stakes situation, this is not the ideal time for a student or new health care provider to learn. Therefore, by using the simulation environment, we are able to place the student in high stakes situation, however with no risk to any human life. If the students should fail to recognize a deterioration or give a wrong medication, although the “patient” will die, we just reset, learn from the experience and correct the action – however, no harm.

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Nurses’ Week Giveaway!!

Happy Nurses Week!!


Nurses’ Week Giveaway!

What better way to celebrate than a good old fashion nurses week giveaway!! You know the gift you will get from the hospital will not compare to the gifts at this giveaway, so go enter! You have nothing to loose, but lots to gain! Go enter at The Nerdy Nurse and while you are there check out her awesome blog!! She has the perfect blend of all things nursing and techy! Show some love to a fellow nurse this week! She is one of my favorite nurse bloggers out there! Feel free to share the love – share on Facebook or pin it to Pinterest!

Daily NCLEX Questions

NCLEX Mastery

Here is another fun NCLEX Facebook page – but this one gives you daily questions! They are very random and the answer with rationale is posted usually at the end of the day. The questions are really random, so they do get you thinking. You can also scroll back through their FB page to past questions.
They also have an app that has some good reviews. They offer a lite version with about 80 questions to give you an idea how their app works. (I have downloaded it and will give you some feedback.)  The “full” version is $29.99 – which is a steal as they are raising their price to $39.99 according to their info on iTunes. If you do purchase the app, I would love to hear from you – maybe you could be my guest blogger – or at least give your review!!
Enjoy and remember –  practice makes perfect!!

NCLEX Mastery Link


Practice NCLEX Questions


At the college I am currently teaching clinicals, we use ATI as a tool to assist the students in NCLEX test preparation. Overall, I think it a good product, however, it has to be used.
Well, did you know they have a Facebook page that has a weekly question?? How cool is that! They post a random question every week and then the rationale at the end of the week. Whether you area student or a nurse practicing since the dinosaurs, I think it is a great tool to stay sharp! Check it out and keep that brain exercising!

ATI Weekly Question Facebook page


Cardiac app


iHeart Touch app for iPad (and I believe it does work for iPhone/iTouch as well – nothing for Android, yet). Great, short computer animations of some big concepts – angioplasty, CABG, etc. Perfect for refreshers or even patient education. Thanks to Bethany Tucker for sharing!

iHeart Touch App Link to iTunes