The Best Stethoscope

So as a clinical instructor I am often asked what type of stethoscope should the students invest in? Personally, this comes down to budget constraints, especially as a student. However, keep in mind that picking out your stethoscope is a pretty important decision. This will be one of your go-to tools in assessing your patients. I hate to sound cliche, but a patient’s life may depend on it. So chose wisely and carefully! Here are the one’s I personally have tried and the one that has been my work horse for over 15 years.

The Best Stethoscope

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Nursing School Survival Series – Acute Confusion

It starts out as a nice day at clinicals. Your nurse is happy to be working with you – bonus. You were prepared, organized and your morning is going nice and smooth. You go in to check on your previously alert and oriented patient…. and they are no longer very alert and no longer oriented. NOW WHAT? …although you will need to get your nurse and/ or instructor, what should you be thinking about in a patient with new onset of acute confusion? And in reality, one day you will be that nurse, so let’s learn what to do now!

Acute Confusion

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Updated EKG visualization video – another classic!

So, if you have had me as instructor for your cardiac section, I probably made you watch THIS VIDEO. A classic film demonstrating what the heart is doing during various cardiac cycles.

Well, look what I came upon… an updated version! This is perfect for students who are visual learners…. or nurses who just want a good laugh!


Practice EKG

This is a great online tool for practicing your ECG. It shows you continuous running strips to practice recognition. This is produced from SkillStat and their thoughts are that you need to have ready access to this knowledge as time counts and saves lives. Great practice for novice & expert nurse!
(And a thanks to the husband for telling me about it!)

ecg-tools  Skill Stat Link

Cardiac app


iHeart Touch app for iPad (and I believe it does work for iPhone/iTouch as well – nothing for Android, yet). Great, short computer animations of some big concepts – angioplasty, CABG, etc. Perfect for refreshers or even patient education. Thanks to Bethany Tucker for sharing!

iHeart Touch App Link to iTunes