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Best socks for nurses

Ok… I have a confession to make. I have been a nurse for over 16+ years and have never worn compression stockings or nurse socks or even face socks. Nope, not even through my pregnancies when everyone warned me that my legs would look like old oak trees from all the varicose veins I would acquire. You see, I hate socks and shoes. If I could go to work in flip flops – all would be perfect in the world. So, the thought of tight, ugly socks on my legs for over 12 hours gave me tachycardia. Like a stubborn nurse, I took the risk.

Well, the other day, I was starting to notice some bad, ugly stuff showing up on my tired old legs. I started to realize, I think I should have worn those ugly compression socks… the oak trees are starting to sprout! I also had noticed my feet would kill after a long shift and I heard the right socks are the perfect way of avoiding foot pain. My legs were also swelling more at the end of my long shifts. Ok, being the good nurse that I am, I finally started to heed my own advice! The quest began…

I went on a quest to find compression socks. As a good healthcare provider, I did my research! There are so many different types of compression socks out there. One of my friends even sent me some fun compression socks designs to inspire me. I really wanted some socks that showed off my personality but were also comfortable. I researched tons of brands, but I kept coming back to Nabee socks! They were getting fantastic reviews and the best part, it was founded by a nurse! Now, if anyone knows about what nurses really need, its a nurse!

Best Nursing Socks Nabee

So, I got a pair of Nabee socks to try in the super, cool Otis pattern – who doesn’t like a good argyle? I must say I was very torn – I really liked the Bubbles also. Anyways, my package arrived and although excited, I was still a bit hesitant. I have put plenty of TED hose on patients, and it is not fun. In fact, I was running late the first morning I was going to wear them and ended up not putting them on as I thought it would take me too long. Silly, I know.

I came across a pair of men’s compression socks, and eventually gave them a try….and I am officially in love! Not only in love, but kicking myself for not wearing them sooner. At the end of a long 12 hours on my feet pretty much non-stop, my legs were not swollen and they did not ache! In fact, my feet didn’t hurt either! What had I been missing all these years!

Nabee Socks listed the benefits of alleviates pain & fatigue – check; prevents swelling – check; prevents spider & varicose veins – stilling hoping, but so far so good; and increases foot and leg related awesomeness by 1000% – I couldn’t agree more!! These are clearly, the best nurse socks!

Not only are they super cute, but truly they are pretty easy to put on. (I highly suggest you watch the short video and save yourself the grief!) They go right on when putting them on as instructed. I have NO irritation on the toes or at the seams and my toes don’t feel crushed. They have washed fantastically and have completely retained all their compression, as promised.

I have spent years trying out different brands of shoes, and really, I think I was just not wearing the right socks!

So, bottom line – do as I say, not as I do – go get yourself some Nabee Socks and save yourself all the years of pain and grief!

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Congrats to Katie – the winner of a free pair of Nabee Socks!! (Make sure you come back often, will be giving away some more in celebration of my blog anniversary & Nurses Week!)

But, hey, even if you are not a winner, you can still order directly from Nabee Socks an awesome pair at a discount of 20% using the coupon code nurseteacher until March 31, 2015.

Best Nurse Socks

37 thoughts on “Best Nurse Socks

  1. What an interesting post, Joan. I too would love to walk around barefoot (or in flip flops like you) all of the days of my life. Or slippers. Yes, I love slippers. Love the patterns of these socks and the reminder to take care of ourselves! Thank you for sharing.

    • CONGRATS!!!

      You are the winner! I will be e-mailing you for shipping info! Thanks for entering & hope your legs continue to feel fabulous!!

      ~Joan – The Nurse Teacher

  2. These compression socks would be great for me since I study for many hours at a time without moving around (I know, I know). The socks are also aesthetically pleasing which, in the medical fashion world, is unheard of! Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

  3. I started wearing compression socks 3 years ago after noticing the beginnings of veriscosities. I also had intense leg fatigue and pain. I wish someone had told me as a new grad to wear them!!! The first shift I wore them was a big ah-ha moment! I too have tried many brands. It’s fantastic that we have choices and that they are cute!

    • Isn’t amazing how a good pair of socks can make all the difference! Thanks for sharing & feel free to spread the word – our fellow nurses deserve it!!

  4. Well Joan, this is a particularly interesting article for me. I’ve been wearing a certain brand of compression stockings for about 10 years now. I’m very faithful, same company and same brand. I even wear them on my days off. I believe in wearing compression stockings because I can definitely tell a difference in the support my legs received a busy hospital floor nurse on my feet 13 hours/day. As a Nurse Practitioner, I measure, prescribe and recommend compression stockings for patients to recommend a great fit.

    But, I haven’t found any that are pretty to wear, just the plain white, black and tan colors. I can’t wait to try these out, add some color to my socks finally, and maybe even start recommending this brand to my patients! Thanks for sharing about your experience with something that should be very important to not only nurses, but our patients, too!

    • So true – patients would definitely love them! I would imagine the ‘style’ is a big reason for non-compliance. Nabee socks have some super cute styles – there would be no excuse! Thanks for the great perspective, taking the time to comment & for visiting!

  5. I am graduating nursing school at the end of the month!!! These would be a great present and a way to get started on the right foot! lol

    • Congrats Michelle!! Exciting new chapter for you starting soon!! Definitely would be a “step” in the right direction to take care of those legs and feet!! (couldn’t resist the pun!) Good luck as you finish school & thanks for visiting!!

  6. I started wearing compression socks consistently to work when I got pregnant, but now I feel they are indispensable! I have just drugstore white ones, I would love to try these!!

    • You are smarter than me!! You would love them – they do not disappoint & super cute = bonus!! Thanks for visiting!!

  7. I start my preceptorship in the NICU next week! Been looking for a great pair of compression socks and definitely want some Nabee’s!

    • NICU – very exciting!! Definitely start taking care of yourself now – learn from me & your legs will thank you!! and you can’t beat the super cuteness of Nabee Socks!! Thanks for visiting!!

  8. As a first semester nursing student, I’ve never owned a pair of compression socks. The only ones I had seen were very plain and “old lady” looking. That is, until I read this article. These Nabee socks are so cute, who wouldn’t want to wear them? And, as I begin my first clinical assignment in just a few short weeks, it would be great to start off on the right foot! (Pun intended. Yes, I went there.)

    • LOL! I love a good pun!! Definitely learn from my mistakes and save yourself the grief and pain….plus they are super cute!! Good luck with clinicals and don’t hesitate if you need help!! Thanks for visiting!!

  9. I’m a nursing student and started wearing Nabees halfway through my program. I wear them to clinicals and to work as a CNA. They’re the best!

    • Anyone on their feet for long periods of time would certainly benefit! You might be surprised how much better they make your legs & feet feel! Thanks for visiting!!

  10. Compression socks have saved my legs! I was skeptical at first but after my first use- I was hooked. Would love to try these ones!!

  11. I have recently started wearing compression socks and I really like them. My problem is that the ones I bought are “one size fits all” and the foot portion is too big for my size 6 1/2 foot. Wouldlove to give this brand a try to see how they fit!

  12. Thanks for sharing wonderful information on Nabee socks, which I would love to try! I used to wear a nursing brand of compression socks that came up to my knees, but I would still have swollen ankles and feet after working 12+ hours as a nurse. The ugly, plain white socks’ materials would also make my legs itch like crazy. Then, I tried compression footless stockings that runners wore, but my legs were still left swollen. I tried another brand of nursing compression mid-calf socks, but my legs swelled above the socks! I’m relying on below-the ankle, cushioned running socks. My legs, ankles and feet feel great, and no more need to elevate my feet while sleeping. I still worry about varicose veins down the road, so I’m interested to see if Nabee would be the answer!

  13. Being a student nurse, I have noticed there are days, that not only myself, but the nurses around me, do not sit for majority of the day. Since there is always a task at hand, standing and working is the way it goes. I have come home plenty of times with an aching back and sore feet. I have tried different brands of compression socks but still feel achy at the end of the day. I would love to give Nabees a try!

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